Szymon Hołubowski – A painter, illustrator, idealist, everyday observer. His colorful, expressive works combine a dynamic, abstract gesture with presentation. His creative work is inspired by people he meets. The protagonists of Hołubowski’s paintings are mainly women. Their complex personality is rendered by the artist primarily with the help of color. His greatest artistic authority is the Canadian portraitist Andrew Salgado. He participated in many exhibitions in Poland. He often engages in social projects. His works can be found in private collections throughout Europe.


My artistic goal is to visualize emotions. It is what greatly influence the shape of our lives – they form a personality, allow us to make right decisions, become good partners, parents and friends. The human identity is largely composed of the sum of past experiences and feelings. So how do you show an emotion in a picture, if not through a portrait? My greatest inspiration are people I meet in ordinary, everyday situations. In my works I want to reflect the complexity of their personality in the best way. For this purpose, I mainly use colors – it allows me to construct the visual language of emotions.