Szymon Hołubowski – as he says about himself – loves colors, their combinations and blurring of abstraction. – I have more and more inspiration – he told in radio Czwórka.

Mateusz Kulik, Szymon Hołubowski, Ola Jasińska at the studio of Radio Czwórka Photo: Czwórka Source: Czwórka Źródło: Czwórka 

– I do not have one technique, I use a lot of different ways to create my paintings: I apply paint by using spray, airbrush gun, and even various objects not seemingly related to painting, including a huge setsquare. These are acrylic paints, mixtures of resins – said the artist in Czwórka.

The title of the program: This way to trends
Run by: Aleksandra Jasińska, Mateusz Kulik
Guest: Szymon Hołubowski (painter)
Issue date: 5.02.2017
Time: 9.10